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  •   I saw the food truck near Outpost and I had to stop. They had a great menu and a lot of variety. My boyfriend got a gyro and I got a meatball sub. They were both super delicious. The gyro "meat" had great texture and flavor. We also got peanut butter cookies and they were so giant and delicious!

    thumb Chloe C.
  •   This place is nice.  We got there about 11am on a Saturday.  Parking wasn't bad.

    We ordered Chicken Wraps they come with chips.  My husband enjoyed his.... Mines was good but I couldn't finish it cause I don't like mayo, and there was a lot of mayo in it.

    I also like clean vegan foods, so one thing I can live without is the fried aspect but overall this was a good vegan spot.  Will visit again to try other menu items.

    thumb Keana S.
  •   I love these people, they have great vegan food but the only down side is, they find any reason to close early or close for the entire day. For instance, all the other businesses are open on New Year's Eve, but these guys are closed smh. Other than that, I have no other complaints.

    thumb Tawny T.
  •   Visiting Milwaukee for work and had to try the local spots for vegan food. This one is not far from downtown where Im staying, and I took a Lyft to get there in 10 minutes. It shares space with another fast service food place inside of a single level brick building which used to be a bank so it's hard to tell there's a restaurant in there from the outside, but they have a sign with their logo on it in the window.

    The staff were friendly and made my food quickly. I came in around 4:30pm and there was no one else there today, but they said the business varies randomly day to day. There's a few tables in the center of the space so you can dine in if you'd like, but i took my food to go.

    Their menu is not huge but the food is delicious! I tried the vegan lasagna which only comes as a big piece and labeled as a side dish, but it was pretty filling and very tasty! Its super rare if not impossible to find vegan lasagna anywhere. I highly recommend it!

    I also asked what they recommend I try and was told the chicken sandwich is good so ordered that as well. It is also very good and filling! It comes with a decent side of fries. Since I took it to go, I didnt eat the fries right away and they did become somewhat soggy in the heat of the container, but still have a good natural taste to them as they seem naturally cut with the skin still on. The vegan mayo and cheese on the chicken sandwich is very good too.

    I hope more people try this place and give them support for being one of few vegan options in town besides salads and smoothies at many places.

    thumb Heather R.
  •   Truly in love with this place! I recently adopted a more vegetarian diet and have been looking for veggie/vegan options around the city to try. I love that this place is black owned and located inside the gorgeous Sherman Phoenix. I've tried a entrees but have been wooed by the vegan mac and cheese and greens! A vegan twist on true soul food is a rarity! Lastly the caramel cake is something I can only describe as heavenly. After McCoy's closed I've been hard pressed to find another caramel cake as delicious. The Next Level Vegans comes almost close AND an added plus is that the caramel cake is 100% vegan.

    thumb Mikel M.
  •   Although I rated this place 3-stars in the past, the meatball sub and (requested drained) french fries changed my life. It was so, so good the lat two visits. There you go: You should go!

    thumb FreeDom ..
  •   The best vegan food in Milwaukee. I tried the vegan drumsticks and they seriously taste just like actual chicken wings. A little pricey @ $10 for 3 wings but it's worth it. I ate the first 2 wings before taking a picture lol

    thumb Anessa R.
  •   Woman at the counter doesn't know what's on the menu or what's even available. She couldn't describe what was a next level burger (versus the regular vegan burger( except for a "I think it has soybeans?" But after we order and pay and tip, she comes back a couple minutes later and says they're out of it. This is the second item she had already left and come back with. She kept saying there was an all American or "above" burger. But then she wasn't sure if she had it right. My meatball sub comes out without cheese. When I went back to the counter where another woman was it she acted as I wanted cheese added. I showed her on the menu where it said cheese and she just said she would do it. Finally, the food was subpar and basically tasted like storebought burgers and meatballs with soggy storebought bread and sauce. The fries were oily and soggy. I love supporting vegan businesses and went out of my way for this and we both strongly regret it. Avoid!!!  Beerline is so much better, go there instead

    As my boyfriend said, "if this is the next level, I wanna go back"

    thumb Amy J.
  •   This place is absolutely amazing. I ordered the seafood trio, (crabcakes, shrimp and calamari). The owner Anah, was professional, courteous and friendly. The only thing that made this experience better, is sharing it with my friend Brandy. I've been trying to convince myself not to go back every day. I'm weak, I'll be back soon!

    thumb Nina M.

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